Amador County Housing Element Update

Amador County officials want to hear from you as they work to update the county's housing element

Are you concerned about the proliferation of short-term rentals in your neighborhood? Should Amador County participate in state programs to help people upgrade the fire safety of their homes? Do you think Amador County needs affordable assisted-living units for seniors? Worried about communities that rely upon tourism struggling because of a shortage of workforce housing? Should there be more affordable rental units to help local youth “leave the nest”? Should new homebuyers have the choice to incorporate solar panels, electric vehicle chargers, water permeable paving, or gray water reuse into their homes? When will the development industry start to build neighborhoods suitable for our future rather than our past?  

The housing element must be updated every five years, and now is your chance to provide input about these issues to the county. There are multiple ways to make your voice heard.

Ways to make your voice heard

There will also be another public meeting once the draft housing element is available. We will be sure to keep you informed throughout the process. Thanks for participating in your local government. 

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