Foothill Conservancy Joins National Hydropower Reform Coalition Steering Committee

Courtesy photo: National Hydropower Reform Coalition

The Foothill Conservancy recently joined the Steering Committee of the National Hydropower Reform Coalition. The HRC is a group of conservation organizations from around the country that work to put wildlife, water, and people — not just energy production — into the equation in federal hydropower project licensing and relicensing on rivers. While we have long been a member of the coalition and its western caucus, and the California Hydropower Reform Coalition, joining the national steering committee will be a new role.

We’re honored that our colleagues in the national coalition have invited us to participate on the national level. Foothill Conservancy Watershed Conservation Advocate Shane Dante will be our representative to the steering committee and participate in its meetings and — coronavirus willing — its annual education and lobby week in Washington, D.C.

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