Tiger Creek to Electra


  • East end: Take Highway 88 east from Jackson to Highway 26 / Red Corral Road. Follow the road down to the river. Parking lot on Amador side just north of the bridge. See map
  • Ponderosa Run east of Mokelumne Hill: Take Ponderosa Way from Highway 26 east of Mokelumne Hill. Dirt road; likely in very poor condition. See map
  • West end: See Electra access information.
  • Please use legal access. Do not cross private property to access the river.
  • Information on legal access to California rivers.


  • Tiger Creek Dam kayak run: Tiger Creek Dam to Highway 26. Kayak the Class IV whitewater in spring. A run description with rafting photos from California Creekin’.
  • Highway 26/Red Corral Road crossing: Deep granite canyon with granite slabs sloping into the river. Swim, fish for trout, watch birds, enjoy the scenery, picnic, walk or jog along the PG&E road that parallels the river.
  • Ponderosa area: Swim in summer and fall. Kayak the Class II-III whitewater in spring. Be sure to check flows.
  • Whitewater kayaking information from Davis kayaker Bruce Thomas. Includes maps, weather, run descriptions and more. Ponderosa WayTiger Creek Dam
Devil's Nose

(Salt Springs Dam to Tiger Creek Powerhouse)

  • Massive granite domes, beautiful conifer forest, with oaks along the river
  • Campgrounds, rock climbing, fishing, whitewater boating, birding, hiking, backpacking
  • Deep, forested wild river canyon with challenging Class IV-V whitewater
  • Rich cultural resources
  • Wild and Scenic classification: Recreational (to Bear River confluence) and Wild to 1/2 mile upstream of the Tiger Creek Powerhouse

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Tiger Creek Dam to Electra Powerhouse
  • Whitewater runs and swimming holes
  • Carved granite gorge
  • Panoramic river canyon views
  • Wild and Scenic classification: Recreational (to Highway 26), Wild (to 300 feet upstream of Ponderosa Bridge), Scenic (balance of reach to Electra Powerhouse)

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Electra-Middle Bar Run
  • Easy beach and river access for families, great place to take children
  • Fishing, swimming, whitewater boating, walking, picnics, gold panning
  • Popular for whitewater kayaking
  • Beautiful spring wildflowers
  • Rich cultural and historical resources
  • Wild and Scenic classification: Recreational

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Each Section of the Mokelumne River is Unique

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Mokelumne River Tiger Creek Dam run video by kayaker James Schubert.


  • Interesting geology: Deep granite canyon, expert-only river rapids below Highway 26, large boulders in the river; massive granite domes near Salt Springs Powerhouse; steep, granitic river gorge downstream; the Devil’s Nose
  • Beautiful scenic vistas from Highway 26 (both counties) and Tiger Creek Road
  • Healthy trout fishery
  • Important mid-elevation wildlife and bird habitat
  • Valuable cultural and historical resources

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Leslie Smith, Sutter Creek, CA: Raised in Washington State, Leslie is a happy California transplant having moved to Sunny Sutter Creek full time in 2020. As a nascent fly fisher and lifelong skier, she is committed to the natural environment and brings extensive organizational and finance experience to the board from a nearly 40 year career in banking.