Volunteers are the heartbeat of the Foothill Conservancy – thank you!

The Foothill Conservancy has always been a volunteer-centered organization. We operate with three part-time staff, but the rest of us volunteer to sustain the organization. Going forward, the conservancy’s strategic plan calls for us to grow our volunteer program in order to be more responsive to our community and to improve our programs.


The fabulous volunteer turnout we have had this year is just one example of our success  New volunteers continue to sign up through our website and the word is getting out. In addition to our dedicated and  invaluable volunteers on the Land Use and the Watershed teams, volunteers  are  also interested in other Foothill Conservancy programs. In particular, the Watershed Protection Alliance has added over 40 volunteers to its roster this year. Many dedicated volunteers gave their time to work our booth at the Amador County Fair, to help facilitate our annual dinner event, to knock on doors, to hand out fliers, and to help at our many cleanups, including the annual river cleanup. Our volunteers bring many skills to the table, and we always find a way to put those skills to work for our shared cause. 


The Foothill Conservancy would like to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who freely give us your time, your energy, and your support for the work that we are doing.

 If you are interested in joining our great group of volunteers, please fill out the volunteer application. We have lots of opportunities and will find a way to put your interests and talents to work.



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Leslie Smith, Sutter Creek, CA: Raised in Washington State, Leslie is a happy California transplant having moved to Sunny Sutter Creek full time in 2020. As a nascent fly fisher and lifelong skier, she is committed to the natural environment and brings extensive organizational and finance experience to the board from a nearly 40 year career in banking.