Why your membership matters

Supporters enjoying live music and a farm to table meal, and perusing raffle and auction items at our annual dinner in October.

As the year winds down and your inbox fills with reminders to give and give again,  I want to remind you about why your membership matters so much to us at Foothill Conservancy. As a member of the Foothill Conservancy, you are part of a bigger picture – when we bring those parts together, we get the complete view. 


Of course, we benefit from the generous financial contributions our members make, but our member’s impact is so much more than that. When I look at our membership, I don’t see dues and dollar signs, I see individuals who love the river, who love the forest, who love their community, who love to give back. 

Our members give their time and their voice to our cause, and that collective voice gets louder with each member who joins. Our members are out on the ground helping remove waste from our waterways and knocking on doors sharing information to keep their communities informed. Members are showing up and speaking up at local meetings, keeping elected officials accountable. Our members give of themselves in so many ways that make a difference. 

A strong and diverse membership encourages others to contribute to our work, too. Your membership keeps us inspired and keeps us feeling supported as we take on the challenging and important work we do. 

Thank you for all that you do as a member of Foothill Conservancy – your membership matters! We deeply appreciate your continued support and look forward to working together to further our shared mission. We are small and we are mighty because of the strength and selflessness of members like you!


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