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You are not going to want to miss this adventure. As a fundraiser for Foothill Conservancy, Give Back Adventures‘ John Silva will be traversing the entire length of the Mokelumne River, engaging in multiple sports as he goes from “Source to Sea.” His journey will start and end at the Foothill Conservancy office in Jackson and will cover over 600 miles of terrain between the headwaters of the Mokelumne River at the crest of the Sierra Nevada and where the river meets the ocean at Baker Beach outside San Francisco Bay. He plans to embark on his adventure in early June and anticipates the journey taking about a month. 

Stay tuned for opportunities to meet John along the way and be a part of the adventure.

The Mokelumne River is the heart of a thriving ecosystem under tremendous pressures. At the headwaters in the high Sierra, numerous endangered species are threatened by habitat loss and degradation. The forested mid-elevations face the threat of catastrophic wildfires, unsustainable forestry practices, and the constant pressure to build more dams and divert more water. As the river flows through the valley, it suffers inputs of fertilizers and other contaminants, as well as habitat degradation from altered flow regimes which no longer support healthy native fish populations. Despite these many threats, a healthier river is possible. Please consider supporting this fundraiser to help raise awareness of the river and the things we can do right here and right now to help restore the river.

John’s trip will be more than a fundraiser. It will raise awareness about the critical role the Mokelumne River plays in our lives, whether we gaze into the river canyon from our homes in Amador and Calaveras Counties or whether the river literally flows from our tap in Oakland and Berkeley. The expedition will inspire folks from all over to get to know the complexities of the watershed, from the dams and diversions that help provide drinking water and generate electricity, to the critical habitat that supports many endangered species. Following John’s adventure is sure to engage, educate and inspire. Foothill Conservancy looks forward to connecting with more folks who are interested in the Mokelumne River and helping them to see the many ways they can make a positive difference for their community.

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Leslie Smith, Sutter Creek, CA: Raised in Washington State, Leslie is a happy California transplant having moved to Sunny Sutter Creek full time in 2020. As a nascent fly fisher and lifelong skier, she is committed to the natural environment and brings extensive organizational and finance experience to the board from a nearly 40 year career in banking.